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   agents: { type: Number, default: 0},

   price: String, // $30 a month or 300 yearly

   interval: String, //monthly or yearly

   emailOption: Boolean, //whether there is email marketing or not.

   customerId: String, //stripe customer id

   subscriptionId: String, //subscription id

  plan: { type: String },

  subscription: { type: String },

  fromName: String,

  fromEmail: String,

  emailSeparate: Boolean, //whether the email was upgraded separately from the main upgrade checkout page

  subaccount: String, //Mandrill SubAccount to send from

//company settings

leadStatus: {type: Array, default: config.defaultLeadStatus},

leadTags: {type: Array, default: []},

transactionTags: {type: Array, default: []}


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