How can I use Leads & Contacts in Shark Agent?

What is a lead

A Lead in Shark Agent is a Person, Company, or business opportunity that has shown interest in working with you.

What is a Contact

A Contact in Shark Agent is a Person, Company, or business opportunity that hasn't yet been qualified for your sales pipeline.  Typically, these are contacts you make from networking, at open houses, farming, ads and purchased lists (among many other places). When a leads become qualified, they can be converted to Buyer Lead, Seller Lead or etc.

Adding a Lead/Contact

Adding a Lead or Contact is easy. Pick either the 'Leads' or 'Contacts' tabs. Click on the button that either says 'Create New Lead' or 'Create New Contact'. Fill in the contact details. Set a start date to trigger tasks for leads or contacts.

Leads & Contacts tab

The Leads/Contacts tab displays all your leads and contacts in alphabetical order. You can sort by name, status, phone, email.

Filtering & Searching for Leads/Contacts

You can search for leads and contacts using the search box or by tags. Using the search field will search through names, email & phone numbers. Filtering by Tag will display only leads that have been assigned specific tags in your settings menu.

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