Video: How do I import Contacts and Leads into Shark Agent

Mass Upload Leads & Contacts into Shark Agent from Shark Agent on Vimeo.

Importing your Contacts or Leads as a CSV file is a great way to control exactly how your data will be populated in Shark Agent. You'll want to take a few preliminary steps to make sure that your CSV is formatted properly for the import, and after you've uploaded your file to Shark Agent you'll just need to pick where you want your data to go!

Finding your CSV file

Most programs let you export your Contacts as a CSV file. For instructions on how to obtain your CSV from a specific source, click the link below.  You'll be taken to the support article on how to export your Contacts as a CSV for that program. 

Google Contacts
Capsule CRM
Nutshell CRM
Sugar CRM
Zoho CRM

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